September 14, 2016



Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: July 24, 2017

How long have you been editing?

Over 25 years, if you include internships. I started in high school, working on the school paper and yearbook. I participated in journalism workshops, and eventually interned at the local paper, which developed into a job as a copy editor. I took both English lit and journalism classes in college; I’ve worked in academic editing, corporate editing, and news (off and on), before moving into editing fiction. I’ve stayed current through a mix of ongoing education/training, and working on a wide range of projects. You can view my resume here.

Are you a full-time freelancer?

Yes. In between other jobs, I’ve been a part-time freelancer for two decades. I recently made the move to freelancing full-time, and I love it.

Do you write as well as edit?

Yes! I write fiction and non-fiction both, plus the content writing that I do for my clients. I am an Active member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), based on my professional fiction sales; you can read my stories and other fiction here. Some of my non-fiction is collected here.

Do you edit short stories?

Yes! I offer a special “beta read” for stories under 10,000 words, or under 5,000, in any genre. I also offer all of my regular editing services to authors of any length work.

Do you edit comic book scripts? Screenplays? Poetry?

Yes, yes, and yes! If you’ve written it, I’ll edit it.

Do you edit romance, erotica, political manifestos, or other “difficult” work?

Absolutely. I appreciate a warning about anything you think might be triggering, but I don’t limit the material I’m willing to work on.

How about sensitivity reads?

Yes! I offer a low-cost reading service in a variety of specific areas. Please read more here.

Do you work with a lot of self-publishing authors?

I do, and I love my indie clients. I offer several services that self-publishing authors need, including packages to combine services at a discount. I also do print layout, digital book creation, cover design, and more. You can easily hire me to take your project from draft all the way to published.

Can I hire you to work for my editing company?

I currently sub-contract for a couple of small presses, and offer a discount to publishers who hire me for regular, ongoing work. Please contact me to discuss your projects.

Is my manuscript print-ready after an edit?

Probably not — especially if you revise after I’ve given you edit suggestions. No project is completely ready to be printed or published until after the final proofread. Any time your work has been edited or revised, it needs that final eagle-eyed check to make certain you haven’t missed an edit note, or accidentally introduced any new errors, before you send your work out into the world. Even if you simply hit “accept all” to the suggested changes, the Track Changes feature itself can create typos and other hard-to-see mistakes. It’s not anyone’s fault, but you will want to have a professional look it over one last time, to be safe.

I am happy to provide proofreading services to my clients, and have packages which combine other edits with a final proof.

Why is the manuscript format important?

I ask that my clients provide me with a properly formatted manuscript, appropriate for the material. (Shunn’s guide for fiction writers, for example, can be found here.) This format gives me room to work, and helps to reduce errors. The document is double-spaced so that you can easily see the suggested changes, and any notes. We will use a single, readable font throughout the file we won’t miss minor typographical problems because of the font. Fancy colors and formatting are removed so nothing gets in the way of me providing you with the best edit possible. By starting with a clean, simplified, and consistent document, we’re starting the project right.

Please feel free to ask if you are not sure what that means for your project; manuscripts which must be formatted by me will incur a charge of $10 per 10,000 words if the client chooses not to provide a formatted copy.

Why do you teach low-cost workshops? And, why do it online?

I offer occasional online workshops (classes) on writing and editing because not everyone has the ability to take a class in college, at a convention, or through their local community. Some places don’t offer the sort of workshops I teach, and there are plenty of emerging writers who wouldn’t have access to traditional classes because of the cost or the distance. My workshops are available to anyone, all over the world, at a discounted fee. People who have fewer options for education as writers or editors — because of a disability, work schedule, caregiving demands, social anxiety, or limited income — can still get a quality workshop experience with their peers. As long as you have access to a computer with the internet at at least 3 times a week, and can read/write English at a high school level, you can succeed in my classes.

Do you have any other questions? Contact me!