Testimonial: Michael W. Romanowski (WWII/Historical/Military novel) Manuscript Evaluation


I got a great email from a client last week, and with his permission, I’m sharing it below.


After some thought I’ve decided to do a massive top-to-bottom rewrite of my novel*. I’ve never been truly happy with the result, and have decided to go back to the original premise. Plus your notes are also going to be used heavily. You have many good points and I’d be a fool to ignore them.

Anyway, I’ll be busy for a while. But thanks again. Your observations were just what I needed to realize my original vision was what I should have gone with earlier.


Even though Mike’s gone back to revise his novel, I could see the bones of it, and they were excellent. I’m so looking forward to reading the next version of this story.

If you like military novels, you can follow Mike’s Facebook page for updates, and take a look at his previous novel, Inside the Kill Box, here. (I didn’t edit it, but I’ve heard good things.)

* I took out the name of this novel because it’s not yet published.

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