August 30, 2015

Editing Services


I offer a full range of editing services for all types of projects: fiction, non-fiction, academic, corporate, and more. Whether I’m guiding your novel through developmental edits, giving your short story a beta read, carefully proofreading your graduate thesis, or processing line edits on your company’s quarterly reports–if you’ve written it, I can provide the edits that unlock the best version of your work.

I am a current member of the American Copy Editors Society, Interstitial Arts Foundation, Speculative Literature Foundation, and am an Active member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), based on my professional fiction sales. You can view my resume, with over 20 years of experience, here.

Romance and erotica authors: Show me what you’ve got! Whether you’re writing contemporary or historical, sweet or naughty, urban fantasy or inspirational, or maybe a novel with strong romantic elements… I can guide you in developing believable chemistry and sexual tension all the way from the “meet cute” to the climax.

Self-publishing? I offer packages and individual services tailored for the needs of indie and hybrid authors. My experience crafting quality ebooks and print-ready PDFs for CreateSpace, Kobo Writing Life, NookPress (and other self-hosted options) means I can support you in making your dreams come true.

I also provide sensitivity reads for select clients looking for an own voices perspective on their work.

My Rates at a Glance (See Below For Longer Explanation of Services)

Type of Work Rate Fee Per 10k Words Fee Per 50k Words
Sample edit: 5 pages or less, formatted, any service  Free  —  —
Manuscript evaluation: a detailed critique letter about your overall project  $30 per 10k words, flat fee  —  $150
Editing, developmental: a deep edit looking at the structure, plot, characters, and more, to help guide your project forward  1 cent per word  $100  $500
Editing, heavy copyediting: corrects sentence-level errors + in-line notes/questions about larger issues  0.75 cents per word  $75  $375
Editing, simple copyediting: corrects sentence-level errors only – perfect for work that’s already had development help  0.6 cents per word  $60  $300
Proofreading: final check for minor errors in a print-ready document  0.3 cents per word  $30  $150
 Sensitivity Reading  $30 per 10k words, flat fee  —  $150
Beta read, under 5,000 words: an evaluation (with in-line notes) + some line editing, designed for short stories  $15 flat fee  —  —
Beta read, under 10,000 words $30 flat fee  —  —
Indexing: a spreadsheet of your project’s plot points, characters, etc.  $35 per 10k words   —   $175
Layout, print: arranging text, images, and other material into print-ready PDF.  0.2 cents per word  $20  $100
Ebook creation: as above, includes .epub, .mobi formats  0.2 cents per word  $20  $100
Online chat (when not already included)  $40 per hour
Two-part developmental package: a developmental edit + heavy line edit (after you revise) 1.5 cents per word  $150  $750
Two-part copyediting package: a heavy line edit + proofread (after you revise)  0.8 cents per word  $80  $400
Children’s book editing package: a complete package for a children’s book/story of less than 5000 words $100 flat fee   —   —
Self-publishing package #1: proofread + ebook or print formatting 0.4 cents per word  $40  $200
Self-publishing package #2: line edit + proofread + formatting  1 cent per word $100 $500

My rates are calculated by the word so that you know up front exactly how much your project will cost, and there are no surprises.

Sample Edits: Simple Line Edits vs Heavy Line Edits

Package Deals and Most Popular Services

Manuscript evaluations are $30 per 10,000 words. With this service, I read your manuscript at least twice, and create a detailed critique letter for you. This gives you my overall opinion on the the plot, character development, world building, voice, and writing quality of your project, as well as a chapter-by-chapter list of notes or suggestions for your next revision.

I recommend this as the first step in the editing process, especially for clients who have never worked with me before. This allows me to review your entire manuscript, confirm the level of editing required, and establish both how I work and how you will respond to notes/critiques, so that we can go forward with the rest of your edits in the way that fits you best.

Plus, the fee paid for your manuscript evaluation is deducted from your overall editing fee, so you lose nothing by taking this step.

Two-part developmental package: a developmental edit, after which you revise and then send it back to me for a heavy line edit, for only 1.5 cents per word. For projects over 50,000 words, this includes two hours total of online chat, scheduled as necessary, at no extra charge.

Two-part copyediting package: a heavy line edit, after which you revise, and then send it back to me for a final proof of your completed manuscript, for only .8 cents per word. For projects over 50,000 words, this includes one hour of online chat, scheduled as necessary, at no extra charge.

Self-publishing package #1: a proofread of your completed manuscript — to check for very minor errors — plus formatting for print or ebook, is .4 cents per word.

Self-publishing package #2: a line edit of your manuscript, after which you revise, and then send it back to me for a proofread, and ebook or print formatting, is 1 cent per word.

$15 short story beta, for stories under 5000 words. Read more here!

$30 short story beta, for stories under 10,000 words.

$100 Children’s book editing package: For a children’s book/story of less than 5000 words, aimed at elementary school age readers or younger. This package includes developmental consultation on your completed manuscript, followed by a line edit on your revised work, and finally, a proofread. Formatting suggestions and notes on illustrations also included if needed. Read this post for more information on how I see the children’s literature editing process.

Standard Services

Proofreading is 0.3 cents per word. Includes checking for minor problems in page makeup, layout, color separation, or type of a print-ready document. Please note that proofreading does not take the place of line editing, and unless you have already had your work edited by someone else, a proofread may not be enough. Feel free to contact me about your project; I am happy to answer questions, do a sample edit, and/or suggest a level of editing appropriate for your needs.

Copy (line) editing, light is 0.6 cents per word. Includes correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage; checking for or imposing a consistent style and format.

Copy (line) editing, heavy is .75 cents per word. Includes correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and word usage; minor fact-checking; checking for or imposing a consistent style and format; suggestions about paragraph length, breaking or joining sections; preparing a style sheet if required; querying author as necessary during the process. Also includes comments and questions about any inconsistencies in plot or characterization, that can be changed without overhauling the structure of the story. (This is like a line edit plus a beta read, all in one, but doesn’t take the place of a developmental edit.)

Please note that many authors find they will need to carefully proof the manuscript after a round of heavy line edits, even if they simply “accept all” of the suggested changes, because the “track changes” feature in word documents often introduces typos. The two-part copyediting package mentioned above (a heavy line edit, after which you revise, and then send it back to me for a final proof of your completed manuscript) offers complete coverage for only .8 cents per word.

Developmental editing is 1 cent per word. This is a deep edit which considers the project as a whole and helps you craft it into the best version of the story you’re trying to tell. A round of developmental edits is much more than a heavy line edit! A developmental edit includes making suggestions about content, organization, and presentation; recommending changes to plot, style, narrative structure, tense, and character development. I’ll also do research and fact checking, as needed. Includes indexing at no extra charge. For projects over 50,000 words, this includes one hour total of online chat, scheduled as necessary.

Sensitivity reads are a way for authors to get an experienced, outside perspective on their work before they move forward with the publishing process. The manuscript should be free from errors and submission-ready; a sensitivity read does not include editing services (though you can hire me for that as well). With this service, I will read your manuscript, looking for any unintended issues with representation, including negatively-charged language or internalized bias. I then create a detailed letter for you, outlining these issues, with suggestions for your revision.

A sensitivity read is $30 per 10,000 words, and depending on the length of the manuscript, usually takes less than a week to complete. Read more here.

Online chat consultation is $40 per hour. This is booked in one hour blocks, and can be done over Gchat, Hangouts, etc. This is a text-chat only conversation, which allows us to copy-paste and discuss relevant pieces of the text, if need be.

Formatting/page layout or ebook creation: arranging text, images, and other material for either print or ebook creation is .2 cents per word with a $50 minimum. (Please note that this is does not include actually printing pages from your text; this is preparing your material by setting page size, content placement, fonts, and other design elements into a format ready for publication. You will receive a print-ready PDF of your book, or ebooks in .mobi and .epub format, depending on what your order at the beginning of the process.) Purchase of both print-ready documents and ebooks of the same project available at an additional fee.

Indexing is $35 per 10,000 words. You will receive a spreadsheet listing your cast of characters, events by chapter, historical references (backstory), and important details which you may want to reference in later books from the same series.

Notes and Disclaimers:

All fees are listed in $US dollars. International clients must use PayPal for the transaction, which converts currency automatically.

Minimum fee charged will be $20, regardless of project length or type, including sale or discount offers, unless otherwise advertised. This does not include sample edits done for free, or services which usually cost less than $20 (such as the $15 short story beta read).

The initial payment is non-refundable. Projects under $250 are payable in advance; all others require a 50% non-refundable payment before the project begins, with the remainder due on delivery, or on a schedule agreed to by both parties. Clients with large projects who cannot make the full initial payment are requested to discuss their needs with me; when I can, I will always be flexible about the payment schedule.

Payments not made within 15 (fifteen) days will be subject to a late fee equal to 5% of the total project charge for each month that payment is not made.

All manuscripts submitted for editing must be in the standard format appropriate for the material. (Shunn’s guide for fiction writers, for example, can be found here.) Please feel free to ask if you are not sure what that means for your project; manuscripts which must be formatted by me will incur a charge of $10 per 10,000 words if the client chooses not to provide a formatted copy.

Any disputes arising out of or related to the services ordered, communication between parties, and/or use of the website shall be governed by the laws of the Ithaca, New York, USA, without regard to the conflicts of laws provisions therein. Parties agree that if necessary, any and all litigation must be filed in Tompkins County, NY.