Chicago Manual of Style Read-Along, Week 1: Getting to Know Your CMoS

  Welcome to the first week of my 2017 readthrough of The Chicago Manual of Style. All year long, I’ll be reading the 16th edition of this classic style guide, and posting my thoughts here. Before I get started, I do want to make one thing clear: as important, as historic, and as trusted as The Chicago[…]

Testimonial: T.F. Walsh (Paranormal Romance novels) Manuscript Evaluation/Heavy Line Edit/Proofread

Tania Walsh, writing as T.F. Walsh, is a best-selling paranormal and fantasy romance author that recently hired me for one project, and then another, and then two more! She has such sweet things to say about me, too: I’ve just starting working with Cuinn Edits on my newest paranormal romance series, and I am beyond impressed[…]

New on the blog for 2017: Chicago Manual of Style Read-Along

It’s good to have goals, and a big one of mine is going to be met in 2017. I am going to read the entire 1,026 pages of the 16th Edition of The Chicago Manual of Style, and share my thoughts here each week. I’ve used various editions of CMoS over the years — both as a[…]

5 Ways to Improve Your Novel Before You Hire an Editor

There are two facts about hiring an editor which are equally true: a professional editor can substantially improve your book, and hiring a professional editor to do a full range of edits is a cost not every author can afford. Sadly, too many authors think this means they can get away with hiring an amateur at cut-rate[…]

Testimonial: Michael W. Romanowski (WWII/Historical/Military novel) Manuscript Evaluation

I got a great email from a client last week, and with his permission, I’m sharing it below. Carrie, After some thought I’ve decided to do a massive top-to-bottom rewrite of my novel*. I’ve never been truly happy with the result, and have decided to go back to the original premise. Plus your notes are[…]

How to Respond to a Rejection Letter — A Handy Flowchart

Have you ever received a rejection letter — from a magazine, editor, agent, or publisher  — that you were just sure you need to reply to? Have you gotten a rejection and wondered, Hmmm…. how should I respond to this? If so, this handy flowchart will tell you exactly what to do! You can click on[…]