Welcome to Cuinn Edits!

You may know me better as Carrie Cuinn, an author who usually blogs over at carriecuinn.com. I still am! But I recently decided to take the next step as a professional freelancer editor: I have created this dedicated space for my editing services, advice, writing and editing workshops, and more.

I believe that you deserve an editor and teacher who will take their work seriously, and give your project the respect it deserves. By separating my editing services into their own site, ad-free and wholly owned by me, I’m creating a professional environment to better support both my work, and my clients.

I will be moving over all of the blog posts about the editing process that I’ve previously shared, as well as posting new samples and advice going forward. I will also be holding my upcoming workshops in my brand-new forum space, hosted by me, rather than a free site that wasn’t well supported. And, if you have “liked” my fan page on Facebook, you will get updates from this site as well as the writing-focused blog, in one convenient place.

I look forward to helping you find the story you always meant to write.

Thank you.

PS. You can also find me on Twitter at @CuinnEdits.

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