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Updated July 25, 2016

I’m constantly reviewing the freelance editing market, comparing fees and services in order to stay within “professional rates” while also staying competitive. On one hand, I want to be paid appropriately for my decades of experience, and range (not many folks have worked in news, academic editing, and commercial fiction – including self-publishing). On the other hand, I know that hiring an editor is an expense more writers need than can afford. Plus, what I get asked to do evolves over time, and some clients may not realize I can offer them a huge variety of help with their projects.

My current rates are:

Type of Work Rate Fee Per 10k Words Fee Per 50k Words
MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION  $30 per 10k words, flat fee  —  $150
Editing, developmental 1 cent per word  $100  $500
Editing, heavy copyediting 0.75 cents per word  $75  $375
Editing, simple copyediting 0.6 cents per word  $60  $300
PROOFREADING  0.3 cents per word  $30  $150
BETA READ under 5,000 words  $15 flat fee  —  —
BETA READ under 10,000 words $30 flat fee  —  —
Layout, print ready PDF  0.2 cents per word  $20  $100
Ebook creation  0.2 cents per word  $20  $100
INDEXING  $35 per 10k words  —  $175
(when not already included)
 $40 per hour  —  —
Two-part developmental package 1.5 cents per word  $150  $750
Two-part copyediting package  0.8 cents per word  $80  $400
Children’s book editing package $100 flat fee   —   —
Self-publishing package #1 0.4 cents per word  $40  $200
Self-publishing package #2  1 cent per word $100 $500

You can read more about my services here (including detailed descriptions of each service and package).

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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