New service: FREE online archiving of your project


As much as I adore the speed and ease of communication that the internet provides us, it isn’t perfect. Emails get lost, accidentally deleted, or misfiled. Clients can download files but lose track of where they’re stored. They may want to re-review an older copy of their project, which they didn’t save. Regardless of how it happens, email we rely on isn’t always there when we need it.

Beginning this month, I am now providing clients with free online archiving of their project for a period of one year from the date of completion. As part of every scheduled editing process, each person will be supplied with a link to an online folder that contains:

  • Invoices
  • Original files, as supplied to me
  • Notes, if given separately
  • In-progress versions of files, if multi-step revisions are involved
  • Final edited version of the project

Going forward, new clients will automatically receive this service. I will also be going back and providing it for all 2016 clients whose projects I’ve already finished. (Did you hire me in 2015 or before? Contact me to request online archiving here.) I not only want give the best possible service to the people who trust me with their work – I want to give you the greatest possible peace of mind.

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