August 30, 2015

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140-character bio: Carrie Cuinn is a professional editor, author, historian, and geek. Find her online at @CuinnEdits and at

Short bio: Carrie Cuinn is an experienced, full-service, professional editor for hire. You can find her online at @CuinnEdits or at She’s also an author, historian, and geek, tweeting at @CarrieCuinn. In her spare time she loves music and art house cinema, cooks everything, reads voraciously, and rarely gets enough sleep.

Need to know more?

I currently work full-time as a freelance editor, offering a range of editing and manuscript services, including content creation, and occasional workshops.

I also write literary speculative fiction, including science fiction, apocalypse stories, magic realism, fucked up fairy tales, and things which nudge up against and fall outside of other labels. I have a perverse fascination for slipping genre themes into rigidly structured poetry forms, like Petrarchan sonnets and pantoums. I sometimes write non-fiction on a range of academic and technical subjects (including vintage printing techniques, comic books, and technology). My first short fiction collection, Women and Other Constructs, was published in July 2013, and can be found here. My next collection is coming out this year.

I am a current member of the American Copy Editors Society, Interstitial Arts Foundation, Speculative Literature Foundation, and am an Active member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), based on my professional fiction sales, because I believe that limiting your exposure to other work is the fastest way to limit your own potential.

As an art historian, my academic specialty was Early American Books and Prints: specifically the research on and preservation of the books, newspapers, and broadsides printed when our country was new. I have degrees in both Fine Arts and History of Art, and studied at the University of Pennsylvania, before running out of student loans. I am currently researching local history for a project on the early centuries of Ithaca, NY.

On a personal note: I am an introvert who prefers to get my socializing done in large bursts at literary conventions, and then retire to my quiet little college town for the rest of the year. No con like Barcon, and no rest for the wicked.

Born and raised in California, I am currently living in a North-Eastern state.