Offering a full range of editing, content creation, and manuscript services

Editing Services

Precise and thorough edits for novels, short stories, scripts, dissertations, corporate handbooks, promotional materials, and more.

Content Creation

Professional content generation, creative collaboration, and on-demand writing packages tailored to meet your individual needs and your budget.


From a background in news and professional writing to editing for small presses and major houses alike, my 20+ years of experience can work for you.

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About Carrie Cuinn

I am a current member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, Interstitial Arts Foundation, Speculative Literature Foundation, and am an Active member of SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), based on my professional fiction sales. I offer a full range of editing services for all types of projects: fiction, non-fiction, academic, corporate, and more. Whether I’m guiding your novel through developmental edits, giving your short story a beta read, carefully proofreading your graduate thesis, or processing line edits on your company’s quarterly reports — if you’ve written it, I can provide the edits that unlock the best version of your work.
I have over 20 years of experience as a writer and editor, and now work full-time as a freelancer.
  • Editing: Fiction

    About 60% of my work is editing fiction - military/political, romance, and SFF especially - manuscripts.

  • Editing: Non-Fiction

    About 20% of my work comes from editing non-fiction projects like PhD theses, corporate handbooks, and promotional materials.

  • Content Creation

    My content creation work includes press releases, blog posts, news articles, and more.

  • Manuscript Services

    About 5% of my work is helping authors create print and digital books.

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